Alive AI: the survivor ai mobs - By UJ Edwin

This is a github based copy of the AliveAI mod by UJEdwin.

To find the latest version of this mod, please access his post at

NPC AI mobs that can mine, craft, build, fight, escape, eat, climb+ladders, avoid heights/hurting blocks, use tools, remember enemies, swim/drowning, talk, shop, steal...

The mobs will basically look for stuff it needs, mine, craft, build houses in randomly sizes, materials (depends on its ambient and what it have) with furnitures, and do things it needs to do.

Spawner block (works with mesecons) aliveai:spawner

aliveai:copy use to generate building instructions code that the bots can use

aliveai:genbuildingtool generate random buildings (same as bots builds)

bots can aslo buy using smartshop

bots can call bots like: come players can do: come and come default teams are Sam and Jezy ... eg: Sam come

Depends: default Licenses: code and media CC0

Alive AI - By UJ Edwin
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