Beverage Mod

This mod adds various drinks to minetest

License = MIT

-- Current Beverages

Coffee, Milk, Hot Chocolate Tea, Green Tea , Orange Juice Apple Juice, Cherry Juice, Lemonade Coconut Milk

-- Dependecies

No external depentecies are needed, just the ones comes with default game engine:

  • Default
  • Vessels ( For crafting recipe )

-- Hot drinks have a steam animation effect

-- Beverages has support for these mods: farming, farming_plus, mobs, animals_modpack, foodblock moretrees, biomelib, mtfoods, foods, ethereal, flowers bushes, food_sweet, kpgmobs, fruit, jkanimals, ironapple

You can add your own drinks by using the following template:

               name = name of your drink,
               recipe = "put fruit for drink"
               liquidcolour = "colour of your liquids RGB code",          
               description = "description of your drink",                 optional
               wherein = "cup or glasses"                                 optional cup by default
               cuptexture = "cup/glasses texture",                        optional
               heat = "hot or cold"                                       optional hot by default


Cleaned code
License changed from WTFPL to MIT
You have to use fire to boil hot beverages

Deleted unnecessary codes (kadeh etc)
More coins added
Deleted empty cup and glasses because of no use for now

1.5 -
Vending machine is rotateable
Code tidy
Use coins from many mods for vending machine

1.4 -
Added maximum stacks
Drinks are consumed when used

1.3 -
Added vending machine
Added tins
Improved Api

1.2 -
Added drinking sounds
Added support for thirsty mod
Added better inventory images (taken from coffee mod )
Improved Api

1.1 -
Better nodeboxes
Better steam animation (from farmingplusplus)
Glasses has texture option too

1.0 -
Initial Release
Add various drinks to minetest
  • mahmutelmas06
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Update    bower.json