Minetest Mod Storage Drawers


Version 0.6.1, License: MIT


This mod adds simple item storages showing the item's inventory image in the front. By left- or right-clicking the image you can take or add stacks. If you also hold the shift-key only a single item will be removed/added.

There's also a 'Drawer Controller' which can insert items automatically into a network of drawers. Just place the drawers next to each other, so they are connected and the drawer controller will sort the items automatically. If you want to connect drawers, but you don't want to place another drawer, just use the 'Drawer Trim'.

Do you have too many cobblestones for one drawer? No problem, just add some drawer upgrades to your drawer! They are available in different sizes and are crafted by steel, gold, obsidian, diamonds or mithril.


This mod requires Minetest 0.4.14 or later. The default mod from MTG or the MineClone 2 mods are only optional dependencies for crafting recipes.


  • [x] Add usable 1x1 drawer
  • [x] Add a drawer controller for auto-sorting items into a drawer-network
  • [ ] Add half-sized drawers
  • [x] Add 2x2 and 1x2 drawers
  • [ ] Add compacting drawers for auto-crafting blocks/ingots/fragments
  • [ ] Add a key (or something similar) for locking the item (so the item is
    also displayed at count 0)
  • [ ] Add duct tape to transport drawers
  • [x] Support pipeworks
  • [ ] Support hoppers (needs hoppers mod change)
  • [x] Make drawers upgradable
  • [x] Add drawers in all wood types
  • [x] Make them digilines compatible

Bug reports and suggestions

You can report bugs and suggest ideas on GitHub, alternatively you can also email me.


Thanks to:

  • Justin Aquadro (@jaquadro), developer of the original Minecraft Mod (also licensed under MIT :smiley:) — Textures and Ideas
  • Mango Tango <[email protected]> (@mtango688), creator of the Minetest Mod "Caches" — I reused some code by you. :)


[MTG/MCL2] A Minetest Mod adding storage drawers in different sizes and wood types.
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