A mod for Minetest that creates a fantasy world.

Original thread can be found here:

Following people made this available:

  • Chinchow (a.k.a. Master Amazing God O' Mod ;)
  • paramat
  • Sokomine
  • TenPlus1

*Tell me if I forgot to mention someone.

Note: I only update this repo!



Added ability to disable biomes in the init.lua file by setting to 1 (enable) or 0 (disable)

Supports Framing Redo 1.10 foods


Added Stairs for Ethereal wood types, mushroom, dry dirt, obsidian brick and clay

Added Green Coral which can be used as green dye

Craft 5x Ice in X pattern to give 5x Snow

Added Snow and Ice Bricks with their own stairs and slabs which melt when near heat


Added Stone Ladders (another use for cobble)

Craft 5x Gravel in X pattern to give 5 dirt, and 5x dirt in X pattern for 5 sand

Added Acacia tree's to desert biome (a nice pink wood to build with, thanks to VanessaE for textures)

Added Acacia fences and gates

Added Vines, craftable with 2x3 leaves


Fixed Quicksand bug where player see's only black when sinking instead of yellow effect, note this will only work on new maps or newly generated areas of map containing quicksand

Hot nodes will melt ice and snow in a better way

Few spelling errors sorted for sapling and wood names


Saplings produce better placed tree's when grown, routines have been redone

Orange tree's now spawn in prairie biomes

The usual code tidy and few bug fixes along the way


If Farming Redo mod detected then it's growing routines will be used for Ethereal plantlife instead of default

Leaftype and Mapstyle settings can be changed within init.lua file, new layered style maps are being tested

Changed crafting recipe for Fences, they tie in with Gates a little better


Added support for Farming Redo mod, all plants spawn on newly generated areas


Added Gates for each of the fence types (thanks to Blockmen for gate model)

Players can no longer jump over fences unless they wear crystal boots < REMOVED


Added Gates for each of the fence types (thanks to Blockmen for gate model)

Players can no longer jump over fences unless they wear crystal boots


Farming of Mushrooms, Wild Onions and Strawberries now use minetest 0.4.10 functions

Strawberries can be grown by using actual fruit, seeds no longer needed

Tree leaves are no longer walkable, player can go through them

Saplings now fall if block underneath disturbed


Changed Fence recipe's so it doesn't interfere with 3d armor's wooden boots

Tweaked textures to bring down file sizes

Flowers, Sprouts and Ferns now spread over ALL grassland


Fences added for each type of wood in Ethereal

Changes to biome settings, less artifacts


Quicksand generates throughout world near sandy water

Bamboo as well as Papyrus now grow on dirt near water

Fixed Coral textures and light


Seaweed now spawns in deep water and can grow up to 10 high

Coral also spawns in deep water and glows slightly (orange, pink and blue)

Above items can be crafted into dye, also Seaweed is edible
So long as sand isn't disturbed under the ocean, sealife will re-generate

Fixed Leaves inventory images and Mushroom selection box (thanks Wuzzy)


Willow Trees now spawn in grey biome instead of tiny grey trees (model by Phiwari123)

Redwood Trees now spawn in Mesa biome (model by Wes42033)

BakedClay mod no longer required for Mesa biome but used if found

Paper Wall added


Added Obsidian Brick craft for building

Changed Illumishroom cave levels

Changed is_ground_content to false for ethereal dirt so mapgen doesn't carve it up with caves


New textures for farming mushrooms and spores

Illumi-shrooms spawn in caves to brighten things up a little

Crafting a wooden sign now gives 4 instead of 1


Changed Bamboo biome slightly, Bamboo Sprout has new image

Abm timings changed and a few bugs fixed

Crystal Gilly Staff has to be used (left-click) to replenish air while underwater

Crystal Shovel now works with protection mods

Tidied code and changed ladder recipe's to double output


Scorched Tree's are now different sizes

Crystal Shovel with soft touch can now be used to dig up sand and gravel

Bamboo and Papyrus drop entire stalk when bottom node dug

Crystal Spikes require steel pick or better to dig and fall when dirt below is removed

Few changes to mapgen and water functions


Fixed bug in Crystal Shovel, now works with dirt_with_snow and has sounds

Tweaked Fiery Biomes slightly, smaller craters on outside, large in hotter areas

Fixed bug in charcoal lumps (no more placing as unknown nodes)

Added Crystal Shovel with soft touch, can be used to dig up dirt with grass intact


Cleaned up mapgen_v7.lua file, maps now generate a little faster

Removed cactus.mts, no longer required

Removed mushroomtwo.mts, no longer required

Removed bamboo.mts, no longer required

Removed deadtree.mts, no longer required

Few new textures added

Papyrus also spawns on jungle dirt near water

Replaced dead tree's with scorched tree's

Each scorched tree trunk crafts into 2x charcoal Lumps (fixed)

Torches can also be crafted from Charcoal


Added Strawberry farming, Strawberry Seeds and new Textures

Tidied up mapgen_v7.lua for better spawning of plants and trees

Player can no longer walk through Bamboo Stalks


Changed Ethereal's growing routine for Saplings, it now uses 1 single abm to grow all tree's


Added Fishing to Ethereal, Fishing Rod, Worms, Fish and Cooked Fish
(Left-click the water with a Baited Rod in the hope of landing your prize)


Changed textures for Bowl, Mushroom Soup, Crystal Spike, Banana Loaf, Strawberry & Bush

Added Hearty Stew Recipes

If BakedClay mod is installed, Mesa Biome will be added to the mix


Added Bamboo Grove and Bamboo Sprouts )

Craft Bamboo into Paper and Bamboo Flooring

Cactus is now edible when crafted beside empty bucket


Code re-worked so mod now uses sections for each function (easier to read and edit)

New textures for Strawberry Bush and Crystal Spikes


Pine Tree Leaves have new texture and sometimes give Pine Nuts

Jungle Tree's now use default Jungle Wood as texture


Prairie, Grove, Jungle and Snowy biomes have their own dirt

Saplings will only grow in the biomes they were taken from

Mapgen tweaks and code changes for new dirt added


Added Banana Trunk and Wood

Added Boston Ferns to Grove biome

Added edible Fern Tubers

Mushroom Biome now has different sized mushrooms

Changed Pine Needles texture


Added Desert Sand biome

Added Alpine biome with Pine Trees and Snow

Added Grove biome with Banana Tree's (saplings only grow in that temperate area)

Added Bananas, Banana Dough and Banana Bread

Changed biome generation to be more like real-world environs (e.g. shrooms like hot & humid so that's where they spawn)

Tidied up code and removed redundant lines


New Plains biome added between Fiery and Green areas to hopefully stop forest fires, these have dry dirt and dead trees

Placing water near Dry Dirt turns it into normal dirt, cooking normal dirt changes it into Dry Dirt

*Note: if your Ethereal world does have a few forest fires appearing you can always add this line to your minetest.conf file:*

`disable_fire = true`


Healing Tree (grows on high snowy peaks, leaves are edible and golden apples heal all hearts)

Added some new images for Cooked Mushroom Soup, Mushroom Spores and Palm Trees

2D leaves or 3D leaves option, both wave in wind if enabled

All new saplings can grow on their native dirt, and palm tree's on sand

Crystal Spike or Crystal Dirt freezes nearby water, Heat can also melt ice

Wild Mushrooms now give Spores, plant these to grow edible mushrooms

Cobble in water turns mossy

Palm Leaves can be cooked into Palm Wax and made into Candles


Gravel can be found under lake biomes (or craft 5 cobble in X pattern)

Papyrus is found and grows on dirt near water (also craft 2x3 string for paper)

Mushroom Heads have a chance of giving Mushroom Sapling (craft 1 head = 4x Mushrooms ready for Planting)

Trees and Mushrooms have a chance of giving Saplings

Frost Trunk and Mushroom Trunk are rotatable (craft 1 Mushroom Trunk = 4x White Dye)

Desert areas have Dry Shrubs added

Crystal Spikes added to Crystal Biome (watch out they hurt)

Crystal Ingots added to make Sword and Pick

New Pine Tree model added to snowy biome which adds Pine leaves and drops Pine Saplings

Fixed GrassyTwo biome so that BigTree now spawns and grows from sapling

Added Crystal Gilly Staff to allow breathing underwater (so long as it's in hand)

Added Palm Trees, Trunk, Wood, Sapling, Coconuts, Coconut Slice (to eat)
- Thanks to VanessaE's for the Palm textures
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