This minetest mod adds a lag-free, simple and stylish item and node frame to minetest. It can contain either nodes or craftitems.

The player can place these frames in any orientation, just like normal nodes. Then, with an item or node in hand, the player can place the item or node into the item frame. If the itemframe is punched, the item or node is returned to the puncher.

The concept works through the use of object materials. The empty frame node has the same model, but part of the mesh is transparent and therefore not visible. If an item is inserted, the transparent textures are replaced with the texture of the item or node, and thus it looks like the node is inserted, while effectively the frame is a single node without metadata.

There are no crafting recipes for each variant. The player can craft a frame and potentially use /giveme to give filled versions of the frame, but the creative inventory does not contain them as they are easily filled already.

The model was made in blender from scratch by the author.

The texture of the frame itself was created from the itemframe texture of the excellent Isabella II texture pack, which is Public Domain. The texture has been reworked to allow for a more detailed texturing of the frame model.

The frame mod has an API that can be used by other mods to create new item/node-frame combinations. See for usage information.

A non-laggy item frame.
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