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inlaid mod by Enke. Version 1.4.1 For Minetest 0.4.8 stable or later. For Freeminer or later.
Install by unpacking the file to your "mods" directory, and rename the folder to "inlaid"
Inform me of bugs by creating an issue in Github

Version History, for those who are interested.

0.1: Original release. Supported default:wood and default:cobble
0.1.1: Uploaded the correct init.lua to GitHub

0.2: Added support for default:stonebrick

0.3: Added support for default:brick

0.4: Code rewritten at the request of VanessaE, now uses textures provided by a texture folder.
0.4.1: Nerfed Inlay Tool and Chisel recipes, now only outputs 20.

0.5: Added the much awaited support for default:stone

0.6: Added support for default:desert_stone and default:sandstone

0.7: Added support for default:mese

0.8: Added support for default:junglewood
0.8.1: Fixed stuff relating to inlaid junglewood.

0.9: You can now inlay the inventory image of diamond into nodes.

0.10: File merger, recipes nerfed.

1.0: Undoing of 0.4, added item drops.
1.0.1: Texture fix
1.0.2: Stone redundancies fixed

1.1: inlaid:chisel phased out, and now the inlaytool will have infinite uses! New texture for the inlay tool as well.
1.1.1: Not much here, other than all of my commits were made with Git Bash. Texture slightly edited.
1.1.2: Edits of the text files. Nothing to see here.

1.2: Most major update yet. Removes 24 nodes, compromises the texture handling, and has a few other Misc. edits.

1.3: Sounds added.

1.4: Recipes for default:stone_with_[ore]
Inlaid mod for Minetest.
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