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Minetest 0.4 mod: localisation

License of source code:
Copyright (C) 2011-2012 Jonjeg 

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.


This mod allow mod devellopers to publish their mod in differents 
language with less work needed.

The minetest setting 'language' is set to EN when this mod is first loaded.
You can modify this setting in your minetest.conf.
If no translation is found for a message, his english counterpart is used instead.
If no english counterpart are found, then no error are thrown but an error message is returned instead of the translation.

Exemple(Code lua) :
	local translations = {
		EN = {
			message1 = "english version",
			message_with_parameter = "$1 will be replaced by the first additionnal parameter",
			message_existing_in_english_only = "lorem ipsum"
		FR = {
			message1 = "version française"
			message_with_parameter = "$1 va être remplacé par la 1ère valeur additionnelle"
			message_with_some_parameters = "$1,$2,$3"
    -- Registering the translations
	localisation.translate("your_mod_name:message1") -> "english version" -- si language = EN
	localisation.translate("your_mod_name:message1") -> "version française" -- si language = FR
	localisation.translate("your_mod_name:message1") -> "english version" -- si language = other than FR
	localisation.translate("your_mod_name:message_existing_in_english_only") -> "lorem ipsum"
	localisation.translate("your_mod_name:message_with_parameter","value") -> "value will be replaced by the first additionnal parameter" -- si language = EN
	localisation.translate("your_mod_name:message_with_parameter","value") -> "value va être remplacé par la 1ère valeur additionnelle" -- si language = FR
	localisation.translate("your_mod_name:message_with_some_parameters","value",2,3.5) -> "value,2,3.5"
	localisation.translate("your_mod_name:message_inexistant","value",2,3.5) -> "Translate(EN,message_inexistant) = No translations available" -- si language = EN
	localisation.translate("bad_message_without_mod_name","value",2,3.5) -> "No mod_name specified or other error message"
Language Patching

If you want to translate a mod using this mod, it's possible.
Create a mod and/or specify the mod_name in the depends.txt and and register your translation with the mod_name.
The messages that wont be patched will be the messages that are used before the initialisation of the patch mod.

If you want to add another language support(DE by exemple) to this mod(localisation), you can do it like that
local translations = {
    EN = {
        no_translation_available = "new english message, just because",
    DE = {
        no_translation_available = "...",
        no_translation_registered_for_mod = "...",
localisation.translate("localisation:no_translation_available") = 
localisation.translate("localisation:no_translation_available") = "new english message, just because"
Mod for minetest concerning mod localisation and translation
  • Jonjeg
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