Compatibility mod for importing MC schematics. For more information and discussion, please consult

To be used with

for actually placing the schematics in a Minetest world.

In order to get the walls working, use

Documentation and discussion about xconnected takes place here:

Copy the textures from your favorite MC texturepack into the textures/ folder of this mod. Those textures are NOT included!

In order to get diffrent grass and foilage colors, change the values for SHADE_GRASS and/or SHADE_FOILAGE at the top of the file blocklist.lua

If you want to use this in combination with another converter:

	blockid, blockdata,
	blockid2, blockdata2)

does the actual translation. The function will usually return

{ new_node_name, new_node_param2 }

In some cases (doors, double plants), it will return

{ nil, nil,  y_offset }

This means that the node type and facedir cannot be decided without further information - namely, blockid2 and blockdata2, which describe the node at y+y_offset (usually 1 below).


  • torches are only created in one form
  • pistons, piston heads etc. may not look correctly
  • water behaves diffrently in MT - beware of spills!
  • banners and signs seem to be popular; they ought to be added


  • creates compatibility nodes for many MC nodes
  • beds are placed correctly
  • doors are placed correctly
  • double plants are handled (sunflowers only to a degree)
  • trapdoors, walls and a lot of other nodes are handled

License: GPLv3

compatibility mod for importing MC .schematic files
  • Sokomine
(not set)

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