Points of Interest

A Mod for Minetest.

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This Mod adds PoI's, Point's of Interest to your World. If you have set a PoI, you can everytime jump back to the PoI with a simple Chatcommand or easy with the GUI.

/poi_list [-a] [-f] [-c] [-i ]

Lists Points of Interest.
Option -a: List all Points of Interest with Coordinates
Option -f: Lists forbidden Chars or Names
Option -c: Lists the Categories of PoI's
Option -i : Lists all Entrys of the given Categorienumber or Categoriename

/poi_jump [Name]

Jumps to a Point of Interest.


Opens a simple GUI, where you can Double-Click the Points to Jump.

This commands demands the Priv "poi":

/poi_set [Name][, Categorie[number]]

Set's a new Point of Interest. You can't overwrite an existing POI.
If you don't set a Categorienumber or Categoriename, it will given 1 by default.
You can change the Categorie of an Point, if you set the Point with a different Categorienumber or Categoriename.
This Action will be logged.

/poi_delete [Name]

Deletes a Point of Interest. You can't delete an unknown POI.
This Action will be logged.

/poi_move [Name]

This command overwrites the Coordinates of the given POI with your current Coordinates.
This Action will be logged.

/poi_rename [Name1],[Name2]

This command renames an existing Point [Name1] of Interest to Point of Interest [Name2]. [Name2] can't have the name of an already existing Point.
This Action will be logged.


If the List of POI's are in any kind corrupted, you can reload the List without a new Serverstart.


Checks the List of Entrys for invalid Names or Positions. If found an Entry, the command deletes it.
This Function checks the Entries for a Categorienumber, if there is no, it sets to 1 per default.
This Action will be logged.

As Admin, you can grant Privs for the Player.



/poi_jump [name]
/poi_list [-a] [-f] [-c] [-i <Categorie[number>]]


/poi_set [name][, Categorie[number]]
/poi_delete [name]
/poi_move [name]
/poi_rename [name1], [name2]

With this Privileg, you have access to the grafical POI-Manager: Screenshot 2


Move your Download to the Mods-Folder.




License: cc0-1.0

Mod for Minetest-Tourists. A Mod to show all visitors of your Server the best Points of View on it.
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