This Minetest mod adds a few fresh mining tools to your world.


Acts like a pickaxe: Processes all items in the input slot and puts the dropped items into the 2x3 slots. It will stop mining when all output slots are filled. In case there are multiple drops, it would also use the eject slot to prevent a loss of items. Make sure to empty that to make the autominer work again.

This node should not be used on skyblock servers!

Bridge Builder

Allows to build bridges over lava lakes easily but it also can be used to change the floor nodes. It disallows the use of cobble as that node is already overused everywhere.

Activate this node by punching it with a torch.


Uses coal or bitchange's mineninths to grind nodes. It only contains 6 supported default nodes to grind. To be extended somewhen...

Tunnel Bomb

This strange explosive node somehow manages to dig a 3x6x3 hole into almost everything. It can be used to build corridors (for railways?) underground or just to remove the annoying cobble around you. Beware of lava when using this in your holy shit deep mine!

Activate this node by punching it with a torch.

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License: CC0 (for everything)

Minetest: Additional tools for mining
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