Minetest Game Internationalization Mod

MTG 5.2.2 (2020-05-17), License: MIT (code), CC 0 (translations)

There are official Minetest Game translations since MT 5.0.0, you should consider using them. However, sometimes the official translations seem to be buggy, so if you want to you can of course still use this mod.


A Minetest mod adding translations to the default game of Minetest. You just have to install the intllib mod and enable both in your world and all item descriptions will be translated into your system's language (or language set in your Minetest settings), but of course only as long your language is supported.

Help Translating

YOU can help to translate the strings to your language easily on Weblate. It's sometimes a bit slow, because it is the free, hosted version for open-source projects and is a bit overloaded. Using the "Zen-mode" can help here: There you can see and translate all strings at once, and you don't have to reload the page for every translation.

If you go on a long journey without having internet access, or you just prefer translating offline, you can use Poedit to translate the PO-files in the locale directory in this mod and create a pull request on this repo on GitHub.

Currently supported languages

  • Belarusian
  • Chinese (Simplified) (~25%)
  • Czech (~80%)
  • Dutch (~65%)
  • Esperanto (~80%)
  • French (~80%)
  • German
  • Indonesian (~80%)
  • Italian
  • Japanese (~45%)
  • Malay (~80%)
  • Polish (~80%)
  • Portuguese (99.9%)
  • Portuguese - Brasilian (99.9%)
  • Russian (~50%)
  • Serbian (~25%)
  • Spanish (~80%)
  • Turkish (~80%)

(Translation) bug reports and suggestions

You can report bugs and suggest ideas on GitHub, alternatively you can also email me.


A Minetest Mod adding translations to the default game of Minetest
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