Put decorative corners on blocks.

There is a setting in the init.lua file. If you want the full version then please change line 2 from false to true

If all_colors is true then all dye colors are supported and many more nodes can accept corners. the issue is that it generates a lot of nodes and makes the game load slow.

I all_colors is false only 4 dye colors are supported. Less options but loads fast and good for server use.

mycorners lets you add corners to nodes to add style to your buildings. You will need to make a corner machine.

The craft for the machine is this

empty / empty / empty wood / steel ingot / wood steelblock / steelblock / steelblock

Place the machine and right click on it.

The top right has 2 slots. One for the material that you want your corners to be made of and the other for dye. You can only use wood, stone or stone brick for material. You can use any dye color.

Click make and you will get your corners.

To put the corners on a node you can either use the machine or the hammer.


Put the node you want a corner on in the top left of the group of 3 slots. Put corner boards in the other 2. Click make and take your nodes.



steel ingot / steel ingot / steel ingot empty / steel ingot / empty empty / blue wool / empty

Put you hammer in the top row of your inventory and put the corner boards beside it. Left click on the node you want to have corners. You can right click with the hammer to rotate the node.

Licence - DWYWPL

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Add corners to blocks in Minetest
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