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Prestibags Minetest Mod

Prestibags are simple bags that act like chests you can pick up.  They do not
modify the player's normal inventory formspec, so they will not interfere with
any mods that do.  Here are some of their features:

* Retain their inventory when picked up or unloaded/reloaded by the server.
* Can be stored in other bags, nested as deeply as you like.
* Are NOT owned, so any player can open them and pick them up.
* Are flammable, so don't put them near lava or fire!
* Fit in spaces with non-solid nodes (e.g. water, torches), but don't build
   solid stuff on top of them!

Note that bags are "active entities", although they are non-physical and act in
many ways like nodes.  This means that the "/clearobjects" command will destroy
them, and they can potentially take damage from sources other than fire.  They
will show wear like a tool when taken into inventory if they have taken any

Required Minetest Version: >=0.4.5

Dependencies: (none)

Soft Dependencies: default, wool (for crafting), fire

Craft Recipies (W = "group:wool"):
   — W —
   W — W
   W W W

Git Repo:

Change History

Version 1.0

* Released 2013-03-07.
* First working version.

Future Direction

In the future I may enhance bags so they can be opened directly from inventory
by wielding and "using" them, but I'm struggling with this because I kind of
like the drawback that you have to risk placing them to interact with their

Copyright and Licensing

All content, including source code, textures, models, and sounds, are 100%
original content by the mod author (prestidigitator).

Author: prestidigitator (as registered on
License: WTFPL (all content)

Prestibags are simple bags that act like chests you can pick up.
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