QA Block to run checking scripts for beter quality assurance of code

License GPL-V3:

This is a developer helper mod, allow run any lua code for testing reason. The mod can list and run lua-scripts placed in checks subfolder. some check scrips provided. The second part is able to display global lua-tables tree


  • redirection of print() output to minetest chat. (can be disabled by changing code line "print_to_chat")
  • robust call of the scripts trough "pcall" does not crash the game in case of syntax- or runtime errors
  • all functionality available trough chat commands and the QA-Block node
  • refresh and list the checks script list at runtime
  • edit the code before calling them
  • type code and run them
  • explore global variables/lua tables

Screenshot Screenshot


  • none
    • smartfs(provided) - GUI for check selection and manipulation. Optional, but without smartfs there is limited functionality

Provided check modules

  • empty - Empty file for your own checks
  • global_variables - List suspicious global variables
  • is_ground_content - This checker lists all nodes for which is_ground_content == true
  • light_source_15 - List all nodes for which light_source >= 15
  • list_entities - Lists all the registered entities (except builtin)
  • list_spawning_mobs - List entities that are mobs from mobs_redo or compatible framework
  • no_item_description - Lists all items without description
  • same_recipe - Find duplicate crafting recipes
  • unobtainable_items - Lists items which seem to be unobtainable
  • useless_items - Lists all items which are probably useless

How to use:

add the mod to the game you like to test

Using chat command /qa

  • /qa help - print available chat commands
  • /qa ls - list all available check modules
  • /qa set checkname - set default check
  • /qa ui - display and run check using the selection dialog. Browse trough globals (smartfs only)
  • /qa checkname - run check
  • /qa - run default check

Using the block

  1. get the QA-Block from creative inventory
  2. place the block somewhere 3a - without smartfs - wait till the default check is finished and the block disappears 3b - with smartfs - start the check using selection dialog

In all cases - check the debug.txt for test results


  • Wuzzy2 - thanks for ideas, code optimizations and the most check scripts
Minetest mods checker mod
  • minetest-mods
(not set)

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