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Scaffolding v.2
This mod creates empty nodeboxes that are climbable 
and instantly removable without tool wear. The intent is to make
it easier to build large complex projects without fly privledges.

Besides making the boxes climbable this version also allows for the
creation of colored boxes for the purpose of marking off distances.
The textures for the colored scaffolding comes from VanessaE's 
coloredwood mod. Although the coloredwood mod is recommended it is 
not required because the applicable textures are included in this mod.
If you do install coloredwood then you're encouraged to delete the 
textures in this mod.


Crafting: s = stick, 0 = empty

s | 0 | s
0 | s | 0
s | 0 | s

For colored scaffolding just place one or more scaffolds with one or
more dyes in the crafting grid. Supported dyes are:
white, red, yellow, blue, orange, violet, grey, darkgrey, black, cyan,
green, and magenta.

If you have coloredwoods installed then colored sticks in the above
colors may be used to create scaffolding of the same color.

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