[modpack] Simple Shooter [shooter]


Mod Version: 0.6.1

Minetest Version: 5.0.0 (engine & game)

A simple first person shooter mod originally developed as part of a game that was never completed. Now distributed as a Minetest Game compatible mod-pack.

[mod] Shooter API [shooter]

Depends: default

Handles raycasting, blasting and audio-visual effects of dependent mods.

[mod] Shooter Guns [shooter_guns]

Depends: shooter

Adds basic guns using the shooter API.

[mod] Crossbow [shooter_crossbow]

Depends: shooter

Optional Depends: dye (required for colored arrows)

Adds a crossbow with colored arrows.

[mod] Flare Gun [shooter_flaregun]

Depends: shooter

Adds a flare-gun with temporary light emitting flares.

[mod] Grenade [shooter_grenade]

Depends: shooter

Adds simple hand grenades.

[mod] Rocket Launcher [shooter_rocket]

Depends: shooter

Adds rocket missiles and launching gun.

[mod] Grapple Hook [shooter_hook]

Depends: shooter

Adds a teleporting grapple hook which can be thrown or launched further from a grapple hook gun.

[mod] Turret Gun [shooter_turret]

Depends: shooter_rocket

Adds a mountable turret gun which can also be triggered by mesecon signals. Still WIP and experimental and may be subject to change or removal.

First Person Shooter Mod for Minetest
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