Sprint Mod For Minetest by GunshipPenguin

Allows the player to sprint by either double tapping w or pressing e. By default, sprinting will make the player travel 80% faster and allow him/her to jump 10% higher. Also adds a stamina bar that goes down when the player sprints and goes up when he/she isn't sprinting.

This mod is compatible with the HUD bars [hudbars] mod, but does not depend on it. In this care, a green HUD bar will be displayed, also showing a number. If this mod is not present, a standard statbar with 0-20 “half-arrows” is shown, which is a bit more coarse than the HUD bar version.

Licence: CC0 (see COPYING file)

This mod can be configured by changing the variables declared in the start of init.lua. The following is a brief explanation of each one.

SPRINT_METHOD (default 1)

What a player has to do to start sprinting. 0 = double tap w, 1 = press e. Note that if you have the fast privlige, and have the fast speed turned on, you will run very, very fast. You can toggle this by pressing j.

SPRINT_SPEED (default 1.5)

How fast the player will move when sprinting as opposed to normal movement speed. 1.0 represents normal speed so 1.5 would mean that a sprinting player would travel 50% faster than a walking player and 2.4 would mean that a sprinting player would travel 140% faster than a walking player.

SPRINT_JUMP (default 1.1)

How high the player will jump when sprinting as opposed to normal jump height. Same as SPRINT_SPEED, just controls jump height while sprinting rather than speed.

SPRINT_STAMINA (default 20)

How long the player can sprint for in seconds. Each player has a stamina variable assigned to them, it is initially set to SPRINT_STAMINA and can go no higher. When the player is sprinting, this variable ticks down once each second, and when it reaches 0, the player stops sprinting. It ticks back up when the player isn't sprinting and stops at SPRINT_STAMINA. Set this to a huge value if you want unlimited sprinting.

SPRINT_TIMEOUT (default 0.5)

Only used if SPRINT_METHOD = 0. How much time the player has after releasing w, to press w again and start sprinting. Setting this too high will result in unwanted sprinting and setting it too low will result in it being difficult/impossible to sprint.

Sprint mod for Minetest
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