[Mod] treecapitator [treecapitator]

This mod is makes digging a trunk node of a tree destroy the whole tree including the leaves and the fruits. There are many settings, such as dropping no leaves but only saplings (as leafdecay does it).<br/> Holding shift you can avoid its function to dig the single trunk node.<br/> Neighbour trees are detected and preserved.<br/> This mod is based on Jeja's timber mod, however, the code was revised over and over, so it became a different mod (according to the broom theory that is).<br/> There I got the name.

Depends: see depends.txt<br/> License: see LICENSE.txt<br/> Download: zip, tar.gz

I'm a screenshot!<br/> ↑ you can only see the animation if your browser supports apng

If you got ideas or found bugs, please tell them to me.

How to install a mod?

[13.04.2015] Added in trees for moretrees, working out getting proper naming

for capitating to work.

[14.03.2015] Added sound of a falling tree (taken from there

Made "drop_items" and "drop_leaf" both "true" by default. (mintpick)


  • fix neighbour tree detection, wrong nodes become dug (test with vertical trunk fruit), pertains to non-v6 apple tree and jungle tree
  • use range_up and range_down for other trees too for greater precision in neighbour detection
  • improve moretrees support (see issue #2)
  • moretrees acacia
  • more precise neighbour detection for moretrees (cedar), fix moretree jungletree ignoring default jungletrees' leaves
  • technic chainsaw
  • Test if pine trees are different on v6 and non-v6 mapgen
  • Add a priority and priority condition to allow handling cone pine trees differently
  • Get rid of the cutting_leaves arguments because the problem is fixed in minetest
  • consider neighbour tree's stem and not only head during neighbour detection
  • add dfs head search (and a parameter to enable it)
  • continue the documentation
the TreeCapitator mod for minetest
  • HybridDog
(not set)

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