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A Minetest Tutor


This mod provides an in-game tutor assistant. The tutor will assist the new
player to perform and learn the basics of the game as the player plays. The
player will be given context-appropriate hints at appropriate times and in
appropriate places.

The tutor tracks progress through a progression tree. This tree contains
goals and criteria on how to obtain those goals. Each goal, when obtained,
will provide the player with additional goals where appropriate.

The mod provides a HUD element that the player can consult to look at current
goals, and track their progress towards each of those goals. The tutor also
displays helpful text for each goal so that the player does not need to
guess how to complete a goal.

The hud is usually hidden. A small icon will remain visible at all times, and
may signal a notification to the player that a new goal has become available,
complete or a helpful text is available as a reminder or help on how to
complete existing goals. Clicking on the icon shows a larger hud panel that
has more complete info and documentation on how to complete the goal.

The progression tree is carefully balanced and attempts to make the amount
of available goals limited at most of the time. Since it is possible to
have lots of goals active at the same time, the tree was carefully crafted
as to have only a few goals available at the same time for most of the
progression tree.

A Minetest Tutor for inexperienced players.
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