Item translation mod for Minetest

This mod translates the item description into the language defined in the settings.

Currently supported languages: DE, ES, FR, ID, IT, JA, TP, TR

This mod softdepends on all supported mods so it gets loaded after them.

Adding a new language

  • copy sample_language.lua to your own language
  • rename it according to your own language code, in capital letters
  • translate :)

Adding new strings

  • First add them - without translation - to sample_language.lua
  • Then add them again - translated, this time - to any language you want/can.

This way, other translators would only have to "diff" sample_language.lua to keep track of additions.


License of source code: GPLv3 or later

License of translations: Translations undefined for license fall back to GPLv3. Others should use CC0. Also sample_language.lua is licensed as CC0 for reuse.

Translations currently undefined: FR, IT, JA

Translations licensed as CC0: DE, ES, ID, TP, TR

Mod to provide server side item translations for Minetest
  • CasimirKaPazi
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