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                           Happy Xmas
               *           by: crazyginger72 (Ginger Pollard)
              / \          ver: 1.1 2014
             / o \         
            /o    \        This mod is for a special person
           /    o  \       to me, **shadowzone** 
          / o      o\
         /    o   o  \     screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/JuO6kgr.jpg
        / o  o      o \    link: https://github.com/crazyginger72/xmas
       /o      o   o   \
      --------| |--------
              | |

xmas, this it a mod for minetest/freeminer/minetime that grows a decorated 24 node (72m) 
tree, it is perfect for that holiday theme!  

Balls are set to mesh but as a fallback they will be shown as wool nodes only if
your version isnt compatiably wiht mesh nodes!

to remove tree just dig the trunk, all balls and leaves are set up foe leafdecay.
Note thet due to the size leafdecay will lag the game/server a bit till it is all
gone away. also the star drops you your xmas sapling back for the next tree!

(c) 2014 Ginger Pollard ([email protected])


Custom license: The contents of this mod may be used, modified, 
or distruibuted for personal use only. The contents of this mod
may not be used in any comercial software or other comerical 
content or in any way that derives profit from said content, 
The contents of this mod also may not be packaged with any 
software or other content that is not free. Any re-distrubitions 
or moddified code and or files from this mod must include a copy 
of the original license and be acredited to the original
 author/creator along with a copy of the un-modified code or file(s).

non-profit server clause: The contents of this mod MAY be used 
on any server or in such settings as provided that the use of 
said server or other setting does not charge a fee or demand 
any other forms of financial restitutions or exchanges.

promotional clause: This content may be distributed on any type of
media if said media is used for promoting open-source software even
if said promotional media is attatched to a non-fre and or 
for-profit type of media as long as the origonal content is left 
intact, content is acredited to author and a link is provided to 
the origional work. 

minetest xmas tree mod
  • crazyginger72
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